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Ask any of the staff and faculty here at Legacy Christian University why we’re here and we’ll give the same answer, “For the students” We want to provide the best environment for students to grab success for themselves.  studentsOur Student Life area provides enrichment opportunities through activities, conferences, and missions.  Conferences provide exposure to outside education and excellent network opportunities.  Go out and meet new friends, mentors, and contacts!  Missions allow us to reach out to others both in the US and in other countries and demonstrate a servant’s heart.

Student Services helps to connect you with your community, other students, get more in depth with your studies and even learn more about yourself.  Exploring internships with community organizations can provide valuable career lessons and experience.  The tutoring program helps connect you with other students and faculty to help get past difficult material.  Counseling services can help students stay focused and balanced with their lives and goals.  We offer personal assessment tools to learn more about your talents, skills, and interests with personality and career assessment tests.

Student Services

We want to help you be your best at Legacy Christian University!  Let us connect you with the tools and services that will let you learn and perform at the level we know you can reach.


Explore new opportunities in your community with us. Our internship program can help you explore potential careers and learn the pros and cons of real world experience in select careers.

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We all need help from time to time. We can help match you with student and faculty who are willing to take time one on one to help you get through rough areas academically.

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Balancing all of our responsibilities with school, work, family and others is difficult. Sometimes we need to talk to someone about issues and pressures. We are building our counseling program to provide both personal and career counseling.

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Personal Assessments

Everyone deserves to learn what drives them personally and professionally. At LCU we want to help you learn what interests you with our personal assessments such as personality and career assessments.

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