sofi-lets-students-borrow-money-for-school-from-alumni-050e9d351fYOU ARE PART THE FAMILY

As an alumnus, you join a growing family of students and friends who are part of the fulfillment of a dream. Whether you attended or graduated from Heritage Bible Institute, Whitesburg Bible Institute, Whitesburg Heritage Bible College, if you are a graduate or current student of Heritage Bible College, or if you are a brand-new applicant at Legacy Bible College, we welcome you into the family.

The dream of Dr. Lee Hudson to develop a training institution for ministers began in 1979, and that dream is still developing today. Although Dr. Hudson has gone to be with the Lord, his wife, Ruth is still helping to see his dream fulfilled.

Whatever your personal dream is, we are glad that Legacy Bible College can share with you and be a part of all you hope to become as you serve God; either in ministry, or as a business or community leader.


We will be setting up an Alumni Association in the very near future. This will allow LBC to publish information relevant to all alumni, share news of interest, announce up-coming events, and spotlight our alumni and some of their achievements.

In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate your taking a few minutes to update your contact information, and pre-register as an Association member. This will help us know where you are and what’s happening with you, and it will provide a base of information we can use to improve our service to you in the future.

If you attended or graduated from either of the institutions which are part of Legacy’s history, you are definitely part of our family and we want to hear from you. So, again, please take time to register and become part of our Alumni Association.


Charles Garrett, MBA

WHBC Class of 2005 (Master of Biblical Studies)

Vice-President of Operations

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